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Buy, sell, trade - all in one.
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Custom Adoptations
Price starts @ 500 Points 

You Can

Claim the character as yours
Give names to the character

You cannot
Request a refund
Resell the design
Claim the art as yours
Alter the design
Sketch (Head)
Traditional/Digital sketch (Head)
Sketch (Half Body)
Traditional/Digital Sketch (Half Body)
Sketch (Full Body)
Traditional/Digital sketch (Full Body)
Clean Line art (Head)
Chitoge Kirisaki [Nisekoi] by marrero95ph
Shiro [No Game No Life] by marrero95ph
Traditional/Digital Clean Lineart (Head)
Clean Line art (Half Body)
Raven [OC] by marrero95ph
Traditional/Digital Clean Line art (Half Body)
Box Art Avatar (Flat Color)
Custom Box Art Avatar (Flat Color)
Clean Line art (Full Body)
Traditional/Digital Clean Line art (Full Body)
Box Art Avatar (Full Color)
Rain [Box Art Avatar] by marrero95ph
Leet [Avatar] by marrero95ph
Custom Box Art Avatar (Full Color)


marrero95ph's Profile Picture
Ranielle Velasco Marrero
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

age 18 | Male | Filipino | Student | speaks English & Tagalog

click below to view my other social accounts...

I did this for a t-shirt design originally. I like this hero very much! He's one of my top 3 best heroes in the game. If you want to see how I play at my best, watch the video below.

Mystery Egg #1 by marrero95ph
CURRENT BIDDER: none $none
OWNER: none
NAME: none
BIO: none

Artist's Note:
It's my first time to do Mystery Eggs and Adoptables but I hope you support me in this. Please read below if you're interested. :) (Smile) 

What is this Mystery Egg?

This Mystery Egg contains an original adoptable character. When purchased, traits and name can be decided. Hatching time(time your mystery character will be finished) is at most 1-2 weeks. 

How do I purchase?

Start Bid or SB is the minimum bid that I require to open bidding on the Auctioned item. 
Auto Buy or AB is what I require to automatically give the adoptable character to the bidder. To Autobuy, purchase through premium content. 
Minimum Increment or MI is the minimum $ / Points a bidder should add to top up a previous bid.

[SB] Start Bid: $2 / 200 Points
[AB] Auto buy: $25 / 2500 Points 
[MI] Minimum Increment: $1 / 100 Points

*** Auction ends 48 hours after the first bid. Once bids are final, payment will be done by purchasing Premium content. Note that the price will be changed accordingly to the highest bidder. ***

Anything else I need to know?

• Always give proper credit. 
• This is not refundable.
• This is cannot be resold, only gifted. Note me for new owner.
• This is only for personal use. For others, please discuss it with me.
• The design and art cannot be claimed as yours except for the character.  
• It is suggested that the design should not be altered except for the gender, clothing, and color. 
• This is experimental and I would like to hear comments and suggestions.
• It might take a while for your adoptable to be posted. Please be patient and don't be rude.

*** Anything that violates the statements above, will be reported to dA staff! ***

Donate Points…
Points Would you like to commission me?
+fav  Would you like to get featured?


Ranielle Velasco Marrero (c) ლ(ಠ益ಠლ).All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Ranielle Marrero. If seen elsewhere without credit please report / inform me.
Often, I am asked: "What is it that you truly offer". Much depends upon you. Would you like efficient work? Then for you, I would finish before the deadline. Would you like something good? Then I can grant you the best quality i'm capable of to satisfy your taste! Would you require creativity? Then come closer and I will unlock your ideas in store! What do you truly need? That is for you to decide..


    The following are some forms of art I deal with:
        • Anime
        • Cartoon
        • Poem
             I Love YouI wish I knew what WORDS to say
With my own HEART in every way
To let you FEEL, not only SEE
What I'm to you, what I could be
I need not know the PAIN I'd have
For what this is - it is but LOVE
Love that is SINCERE and TRUE
Love that is only for YOU
I wish I knew what WORDS to say
If only you could just STAY
a few more moments through
cos all i know, is I LOVE YOU

        • Illustration
            Eccentric by marrero95ph
            ^unfinished sample

    If what you're looking for is not listed you can ask me directly.


"???" are negotiable and have no fixed price.


        PRICE                            ART

        ???  :points: or $? ........... Others
        200 :points: or $2 ........... Sketch (Head)
        400 :points: or $4 ........... Sketch (Half Body)
        600 :points: or $6 ........... Sketch (Full Body)
        500 :points: or $5 ........... Clean Line art (Head)
        Chitoge Kirisaki [Nisekoi] by marrero95ph Shiro [No Game No Life] by marrero95ph
        750 :points: or $7.5 ........... Clean Line art (Half body)
        1000 :points: or $10 .......... Clean Line art (Full body)
        200 :points: or $2 ........... Inked
        200 :points: or $2 ........... Cell Shaded
        ???  :points: or $? ........... Background
        ???  :points: or $? ........... Flat Color
        ???  :points: or $? ........... Full Color (includes shading)
        ???  :points: or $? ........... Character

        Kirito [Sword Art Online] by marrero95ph Elyon Brown [W.I.T.C.H.] ***CONTEST ENTRY by marrero95ph Iso, Anzu, and Nia [Miss-It-Girl] ***CONTEST ENTRY by marrero95ph Roka [idkskittles94] ***CONTEST ENTRY by marrero95ph Livium [Neuroticpig] by marrero95ph
        ^other samples

        PRICE                            ART

        ???  :points: or $? ........... Others
        200 :points: or $2 ........... Sketch (Head)
        400 :points: or $4 ........... Sketch (Half Body)
        600 :points: or $6 ........... Sketch (Full Body)
        500 :points: or $5 ........... Clean Line art (Head)
        750 :points: or $7.5 ........... Clean Line art (Half body)
        1000 :points: or $10 .......... Clean Line art (Full body)
        Guts Lineart [Kill la Kill] by marrero95ph
        800   :points: or $8 ........... Custom Box Art Avatar (Flat Color)
        1000 :points: or $10 ........... Custom Box Art Avatar (Full Color)
        Leet [Avatar] by marrero95ph Rain [Box Art Avatar] by marrero95ph

        ???   :points: or $? ............. Background        
        200  :points: or $2 ............. Cell Shaded
        500  :points: or $5 ............. Flat Color
        1000 :points: or $10 ........... Full Color (includes shading)
        ???   :points: or $? ............. Character

        Anne [Chibi] by marrero95ph Panda by marrero95ph  Pudge [Dota 2] by marrero95ph
        ^Other samples


Default Commission: 
1. You can commission me through the commission tab (bottom left) I put up in my profile.
2. (OPTIONAL) You can send me a note like the one below for further info 

Message: *what you want* *additional instructions or info*
              *when you want it* 

COMMISSIONS by marrero95ph


    • Trolls and scammers will be reported and blocked.
    • This is not refundable unless I refuse or can't finish your commission.
    • I rarely do mature content so let's try to stay away from that
    • This is experimental marketing and I would like to hear comments and suggestions.
    • I put all my effort in my work so it might take a while. Be patient.
    • Any content that violates the rules of DeviantArt will not be entertained. I will report them to the staff instead.


marrero95ph has started a donation pool!
28 / 400
Next milestone: 400 :points:          200 :+devwatch:
                          500 llama      5000 pageviews

all donations, regardless of the amount, are most appreciated. Reach the milestone and receive an artwork and be recognized on a special blog.

To those who have so generously donated in the past, thank you very much. Your continued support is very helpful as I improve in my craft.

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