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Mystery Egg#2 by marrero95ph
Random (you will receive something random, literally)
Sketch (Bust)
Ryuko Matoi [Kill la Kill] by marrero95ph
Bust means head, shoulders to upper chest. Please give me enough information on WHAT, WHO, and HOW you want me to draw. Lastly, don't forget to indicate whether you want Traditional/Digital.
for more info:
Sketch (Half Body)
Touki [riku4] pt 2 by marrero95ph
Tobias [Liet-Avery] by marrero95ph
Half body means head to waist. Indicate whether you want Traditional/Digital. For more info ►
Sketch (Full Body)
Full body means head to toes. Indicate whether you want Traditional/Digital. For more info ►
Additional Background
Please indicate that this is an addition to your commission along with details. For more info ►
Additional Cell Shading
Please indicate that this is an addition to your commission along with details. For more info ►
Additional Flat Color
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Additional Full Color / Inked
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Box Art Avatar (Full Color)
Rain [Box Art Avatar] by marrero95ph
Alice [SEMC] by marrero95ph
Sage [SEMC] by marrero95ph
Box Art Avatar means an image that represents you all fit into one box. This will always be in full color. For more info ►





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Ranielle Velasco Marrero
Artist | Student | Varied

age 19 | Male | Filipino | Student | speaks English & Tagalog

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just finished Alice of SEMC ! I'm still busy but I'll still be around
I'm currently working on SEMC's commission. It's taking a while but I'm halfway atm. I hope to get in touch with you guys soon! :)


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animeatru Featured By Owner 2 days ago
U I ment
animeatru Featured By Owner 2 days ago
PLEASE READ, last AMM, it can help I do business better
marrero95ph Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
yep i just read. Thing is i don't have any working paypal to store cash online. I'll probably get one soon. I'm currently busy doing Thesis but still getting commissions from collectors or anyone. Do you have someone who might be interested in my style?
animeatru Featured By Owner 2 days ago
*****AMM (day 3, stop complaining, I have something that can help you, with your career and money problems)*********

PLEASE READ , the whole thing, being a failure, is a choice , write stuff down your not gonna remember everything, 

-today I was on rapidworkers, that website is a waste, stop using that website for now, at least, use other sites,  it does work, but you need a computer for it to work, and, you have to do jobs for your country or you will get fired, they fired my ass today, I spent six hours and they, did, I completed jobs for other countries and they fired me, I'm not wasting my time with site for now, 

-these things happen in the freelance business, some clients do not want to pay up, sometimes you get fired for stupid reasons, sometimes things do not sell on Amazon, or other website, sometimes mturk and websites like it don't have anything today. This is a part of the freelance business, it's called good days and bad days, 

-I want you guys to keep at it, 

(The thing is) 
- sometimes you got to rotate, like when one way to make money is not working, you try another way , and another way, you got to do what works best for that day, like I made 14 dollars on Amazon, but I spent six hours on rapid workers and made nothing, you have to know what is the best way to make money today, sometimes you should sell stuff today, instead of typing stuff, sometimes you should answer surveys instead of selling stuff, sometimes you should look for clients instead of other stuff. 

- You have to choose the best way to make money and get use to failing, don't be afraid to fail, you can not always win, but don't be afraid to fail, if you don't fail you don't do better, 

-look, you didn't make much money lately, but you making money, and that's good, before you learn how to make a 100, you have to learn how to make 1 dollar, then make 2, 5, 20, 50, 100, in time you will learn how, it not gonna happen quick. If you was working, your first check come once every 3 weeks, then once every two week, if you working full time it's not that hard to save money, but when you working part Time, it is hard, to make 150, last two weeks, especially when bills come in, part time is 20 hours, if you do math, you looking at about 200 with job, depending on how much they pay you, for 20 hours, anyway, 

-In time, you will know how, you have to keep trying, stop saying, you don't want to do it, because you don't want people talking abt you, impress your self, 

-people want you to quit to make them look good, they want to keep u in the dirt, u have to keep trying to to do it, even if u don't believe in self and u scared, 

-people talked shit about me this week, saying I don't have a life, I stay in house all the time and I am.never gonna find a job, and I think I'm really doing something because I made a few bucks on Amazon, but I'm not, see people are talking abt me too, they saying it right out my window, neighbors, some family members, talking shit bat me, I made some money this week, and I told the crew about getting in business, 

People talking shit, does not change the fact that I did that, people will.say things about you that are mean, lies and very insulting, but it will not change what you did, what you did does not change, if you made money this week because you chose not to listen to those mean people, you this week, even if you cry, now, it does not change that you did some thing this week or next week, 

-ok, get back to doing business stuff. If you didn't make money, spend more hours trying, try something else to make money, think about why u failed, did you do what you was suppose too, did you put in a good amount of hours, did you try, did you try something else that was faster for the day, ...................get back out there.........................

-I will list some ways to make money again, look below, I was not planing to send memo, but, I , thought you guys needed to hear this, I felt like you needed to hear it, 

********way to MAKE MONEY***********

-amazon(sell things on Amazon, electronics, games, dvd, calculators, shoes, purses, things you find at goodwill, books, old computer stuff, computer stuff, candy, cups, plates, things that can fit in a box, things that can fit in a envelope, think of something to sell, sell your stuff if you have too, get rid of games and cards, and electric stuff you don't want anymore, and other stuff) 

-mturk or microworkers , pick one, get paid to type stuff, make sure you did it right or they will fire you, do what they ask, completely, 

-cashcrate-take surveys

-Swagbucks-----watch tv , play games, or shop

-like asap------tweet for money, it takes awhile for it to make decent amount, like, u level up and receive more overtime, but give it months, 

-look for clients(you to draw,write,make music for people)------go to the deviant art forum, reddit, craiglists, up work, .............look for people who need somebody to do something for them, 
animeatru Featured By Owner 3 days ago
********(AMM, don't say it isn't worth it, it's only day 2, ) *********

-continue making money, do it every week.
-like asap, is long process, spend no more than two hours doing it, it's going take months before you make enough to tweet for decent money, so be patient, I'm at level ten,
-ok, so when I was on mturk, I notice that Turk is not what it use to be, so I decided to do some research and, two things popped up, that is similar to mturk,

-mturk, is a website that pay you to type stuff and search stuff,

-ok the websites that popped up was


-check these websites out their just like mturk but better.


-mtur, cash crate,swagbucks,like asap, micro workers, rapid workers, amazon

View more ways on animeatru make money page on animeatru website.

-ok , I know you might be thinking fuck this, but I say no, fuck with this, not in disrespectful way, it's just.........If you want things to change, you have to be willing to go an extra mile, or miles, I'm teaching you how to make a 100 bucks, but it's not gonna come to you, if you sit on your ass all day talking shit, and complaining, talking shit is not going to help you at all, you could get a job and if you do that's good, but you could also get a job and make more money on the internet, look......the freelance businesses is not for the weak, only the strong, can handle it, only people that's willing to devote however many hours is willing to make 100 or more,

-stop being a kid, stop thinking that your parents are gonna be alive forever, stop thinking that everything is fast and instant, stop thinking that your gonna wake up to car with your name on it, you have to make things happen, you have to spend long hours to make money, thanks to me you can learn how to make money online faster, you should be happy about that, stop complaining, stop sitting on your ass and take care of business, if it takes you 5 days to make 50 bucks, that's is good, don't worry about how long it take to make money, in a week, don't worry about it, don't worry about it, because you know what , you do nothing this week, you think you gonna receive something no, you think your life is gonna be better next year no, you think if you go to school and learn some skills your life is going to be better, no, you know why, I'll tell you why, because you think that everything is going to happen by you waiting for them to happen, it's not, you think you gonna gain experience by watch tv all day , it's not, that shit that's on tv is useless, don't even watch tv, they don't teach you how to make money, they don't teach you how to use your skills for your benefit, all do is tell buy this and that and get a job, that's what they tell you, what happens when you want something that is not advertised, you don't get it, because the tv does not teach you how to do it, fuck that tv, fuck what's cool, cool is expensive and doesn't pay your bills, it doesn't make you money, it doesn't get you friends that help you do shit, don't try to be cool, impress your self,

-I'm not your parents I'm not going to force you to do things you know you should be doing, you should be staying home most of time and not partying because you didn't make money this week, you should tell your girlfriend, or friend, you know what I have to take care of business because I haven't found a job and I could use some money right now, so I'm not gonna hang out with you this week, maybe you have found a job but it's not enough money so you cancel plans to make a little more on.the side, I remember when I had to pay car insurance, it's a real bitch, makes you feel like you don't have a job. Cause all your money go on car,

-like I said, I'm not gonna force you to make money when you should make money, that is your decision, you could of made 50 to 200 bucks this week, but you decided not to, even thoe you had somebody show you the door to doing it, your not willing to spend ten hours a day, maybe more, to make money, and maybe find ways to make your life better, that's pathetic, your life, just don't pretend like you don't need to do this, because you do,

-now I have to do business stuff and get back to those job applications, think about what I said, your life will change if you get off your lazy ass, and go make some money, I came up with a plan, couple plans, just follow them, ok, simple, your life doesn't have to be difficult, it can be simple, if you follow the plan, try some shit I researched,

I will talk later, I had 50 this week, don't tell me it's not worth it, try harder, and longer,
animeatru Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Make sure you read comments, important shit
animeatru Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Twitter asap, is really called "like asap", I spelled it wrong,

Use "like asap" to make money with tweets....
animeatru Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Some more stuff you need to know,

-if you a male, recommend you shave your hair bald, military bald, here is why, when you do , you can just get up and go, you don't have to wash your hair, you don't have to comb it or brush it, it save so much time, you ddont have to worry about it, now people will talk shit, for stupid reasons, but, fancy haircuts cost more money and maintenance, and when I had afro, I got tired of dealing with it, I got tired of wearing hats to hide it, so now, I cut it, military bald, the lower you cut it, the longer it last, is better than cutting your hair once a week, trust me, there is a big difference, between cut once every 2 months and once a week, big difference, now people will say I trying to be thug, but deal with it, you need to stop letting people persuade you to.spend more money than need too, plus, you need to be tougher, and not care if you have a bald head, you will get use to it after a couple days, trust me, you can cut yourself, go to dollar store and buy a set of clippers for hair, it shud be about 10 -15 bucks,

-if you a woman, I recommend that you cut your hair to your neck length, or get a pixie cut, or get dreads, whites can too, I recommend you get a straight iron or get a porm bottle from store, thing from the store and do it your self, then let it loose or put in pointy tail, you can also cut the front part so you can see in front of you, you can dye it any color, if you dye it blue, green, etc, ask employer if ok, some employers allow, if you self employed it don't matter, doing this will save time,
animeatru Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Read comment important,
animeatru Featured By Owner 4 days ago
*******AMM (there something you guys need to know in order to make money)******

AMM-animeatru member memo

-I only figured out how to make 1-100 dollars online.
-I'm working on 1-1000, I haven't figured it out yet.
-there was some things I forgot to tell, so I decided to tell y'all in this memo, something you need to know,
-I tried to organize as best as I could, print this out or copy this, to phone, if you need to read this again,

(2 thing)

-when you make money online you are going to get fustrated
-you are going to get distracted and lose focus, you have to force yourself to do it,
-you have to do it by realizing that you do not want to do anything, like you don't want to do your hw, you don't want to do the.stuff you know you should do to make money,
-what you have to do focus on making money you have to listen to music that pertains to making money or music that has no words in it, you have to listen to music that motivates you make money, because you are a lazy shit, and you have to admit that to yourself,
-the ways I teach you how to make money is slow process of making it but it does work, it does work,
-it might take you a day, week, or month to make a 100 bucks, it depends on how fast you want it, if you want it today, you have to spend the entire day to make a hundred dollars and even stay up late at night, you have to be like robot,
-you Can do it, you just have to stop saying you know what fuck it, no duck you, because if you don't do this, your life is not going to get better, like if go to college, when you get out of college your going to be where you are now, you should of invested that college money instead of buying shit, you only need one laptop, one game system, one cellphone, that's it, when you buy clothes only buy business clothes, and play clothes and then stop buying clothes, if you want to
Make money you have got to stop buying clothes every year, you got to stop buying shit for Christmas, you got to stop buying a bunch of games every year, you got to stop buying shit all the time, when you in the freelance business, you have to stop buying stupid shit,
-for example, like I want to buy video games right, but I'm not going to cause I just bought 6 video games, I know the new blah blah is out but I'm not gonna buy it, I'm not gonna spend time playing it because I haven't finish the games I got, another example, I want to buy a laptop, but I'm not gonna buy it because I have a laptop that works, the keyboard does not work but my laptop still works, I bought 4 laptops and after a couple years my laptop does not work really good anymore, so I'm tired of repeating the process, so I'm not buying another laptop,
-when it comes to clothes, buy clothes that don't have a symbol on it, you cN wear it anywhere and you can wear it to job interviews, plus it's cheaper to buy clothes without symbols, I bought a hat for 60 dollars, then I saw a hat that looked better at goodwill at 3 dollars, so, keep in mind that what you find at goodwill is just as good as what you find at mall, and take the tag off, nobody will know, if somebody does know, so what, they don't pay your cellphone bill, they don't help you make money, why should you care, it's better to have 100 in your pocket then to have 100 dollars worth of shoes, you understand the meaning,
-the music you need to listen to to make money is heavy metal, classical music with no words, and rap music that pertains to making money, rap music that pertains to making money, not rap music that pertains to selling drugs or spending money, rap music that pertains to make money, listen to a rapper called soulja boy. A lot of people hate him, but motivate me to make money, and he motivated me to go to back to college when I dropped out, he motivated me to make 10, 30, 50, 100, even 10 dollars a week is better than zero, especially when you have no food in fridge, I will continue to listen to him because he motivate me to do better, he makes me.make money, and I'm a continue listening to him, I don't care what people say about him,
-something else you need to do when making money because you are going to get insulted a lot, I get insulted a lot, listen to motivational videos, on youtube, when you have day that's really fuked, the motivational video on YouTube will get you unfucked, there is bunch of videos and you have the find the one that fits you, you should listen to it and download it to your phone, listen to it everyday if you need somebody, to remind you that you need to take care of business or be happy your alive, or somebody to say you can do it,
-ok I think I told you guys all I think you need to know. Wait you need to start writing things down that you need to do like a do list, like I can't remember anything important, so I have to write down things to remember business stuff, then do what's on lists,
-like I said before you are going to get frustrated and lose your way, when that happens listen to those motivational videos on YouTube, and talk care of your business, like your not gonna wake up to 100 dollars, you not gonna wake up to shit, those days are over, work towards it, there is no quick way, you have to work towards it,
-you have to also build your respect, it's like doing pushups, it's not easy and your not gonna like it, but you like the reward, you have to document the shit you do online and put it on a blog or on deviant art, you need a history blog of your achievements that relates to your business, business you did with other people. Business you did by yourself, when look for clients, a client is a person that want to pay you for something you know how to do, if you want people to pay you to do something, you have to learn how to do it either online or school, you can learn a lot of things online, you can learn everything, I will get into that later, you build your respect online by writing about the shit you do and using a link to direct people to that past work shit, the clients have to see what you did, before they say yeah, I'm a work with you, build your respect, like I said,
-that's all you guys need to know to make money, if you need to copyright something, visit myfreecopyright or copyrighted online, it's free to copyright stuff,
-ok so get started, if you forget, look at memo again,
-I'm gonna list ways to make money online that I learned with trial and error, there is more ways, I haven't learned them yet,

********ways make money online********

You need a PayPal account, for most of these, if you don't have PayPal account, you gonna have to take cash as Payment.t, you gonna need clients for that. Fimnd clients on reddit, deviantart, up work, Gaia, .........go to the forum part and search what you looking for, example "artist wanted"

_____Ways to make money______:
(Remember to download your rap music that make money, heavy metal music, and classical music without words to focus, )

- , twitter asap(tweet for cash),

-swagbucks(watch tv, buy stuff, surveys,) , there is a app, for phone, you can watch videos and it give you three scents for a certain amount of videos, on computer just watch videos till meter go up

-amazon(sell stuff) , I offer, eBay, cqout, sell what you can find, what works for you, for some people it's clothes, cards, games, hats, shoes. For me it's electronics, and sometimes cards, you need inventory buy cheap online or go to goodwill and find stuff,

-fill out job applications, (try monster and snagajob) , the ratio is.....3 interviews for about 60 job applications, only do about 20 a day, and after two days call jobs back, I recommend

-cash crate, do surveys, buy stuff,

-find clients on forums and website, try deviant art, red dit, up work, Gaia,

-you can research other ways, but don't spend more than a day a week, don't spend most of your week reading shit, spend it making shit, like stick to what I know to save you time,

(The end)

-that's all have to say, I have to do business stuff, and fill out more job applications, I will contact you artist soon if we get this deal or not, with game boy people.
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